TDCS can provide various services under one umbrella at an affordable rate

Everything we do is about securing revenue for your agency to run programs and projects at their optimum level of service. If you are developing a new program to meet an organizational goal, we will help you strategize to secure a funder to buy-in to that program. If you have not yet determined the programs you need and are looking for direction, we will help you develop a strategy to get there, and then seek funding opportunities to support your goals.

TDCS makes it possible for organizations whose financial capacity is limited to create and implement innovative programs that are having a positive impact on communities throughout BC in the areas of justice and health.

To our knowledge no other consulting firm has the diverse set of services offered by TDCS. Many consultants are only able to provide one or two services, whereas TDCS delivers successful results implementing any number or all of these services as needed by our clients. We realize that many of our clients need assistance, for example, with strategic planning, fund raising and program development, but because of the cost involved in hiring multiple consultants they are not able to afford all three services. Since TDCS can provide each of these services under one umbrella at an affordable rate, our clients are able to secure all of the services required to develop their programs. Our adherence to detail, in conjunction with the level of expertise we provide, has converted all of our clients into long-term satisfied customers.


Aboriginal Organizations


HIV/AIDS Organizations


Community Organizations

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