Bill honed his expertise in the promotional product industry for 13 years before joining Donna at TDCS, providing key elements of brand development strategies and recognition programs for both the corporate and non-profit sectors across Canada. He consistently provided clients with solutions that have given visibility to their brand in unique ways. One large non-profit organization claimed that Bill's innovative ideas and products were responsible for "putting them on the map".

Bill takes the lead on editing all TDCS documents that eventually land on your desk, making sure everything that we write accurately reflects your requests and needs, not to mention dotting all the "i"s and crossing all the "t"s. He reviews and edits grant proposals, LOI's, evaluation reports, and any document that a client has requested. Bill takes the lead on writing position papers, press releases, and questionnaire reports for clients. Bill also manages the marketing angle of TDCS. As the VP of Marketing, Bill's main task is to communicate the scope of our services to you, our next client.

Bill's skill set includes:

  • Writing and composition
  • Editing & proof reading
  • Active listening
  • Customer relations
  • Building community
  • World perspective