We will help you secure revenue for your existing and new programs

Tennant Derksen Creative Strategies Inc. (TDCS) combines the 30 years' experience of its principals, Bill Derksen and Donna Tennant, to help non-profit agencies secure revenue.

We recognize that small, grass-roots organizations are at a great disadvantage in the market place for securing funds, building awareness and competing against larger, better resourced non-profits for valuable sponsor, foundation and donor dollars. We realize that many organizations do not have the human resources to ensure expertise in the various areas that are required for increasing revenue or organizational capacity.

In consultation with your team, we will help you secure revenue for existing and new programs. We will help you secure new revenue in a non-profit funding environment that is more and more competitive, and we will help you keep the money that has already been secured. Our business has not cost any of our clients a single dime. How do we do this? By successfully getting funders to buy-in to your cause. We know the funders and we are experienced at matching their values with your mission and goals.

In short, TDCS will seek funding opportunities and secure revenue for your agency's needs, particularly if you are an organization that provides social or health justice services. We are successful because we are passionate about your cause. We want to make sure that your voice, and the voices of the people you serve, are heard. That is our mandate.



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